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Huasheng Group is a scientific research enterprise integrating scientific research, design, production, sales, installation, maintenance and system integration. It is located in Dawang Economic Development Zone of Dongying City. It was established in 2013. It includes Huasheng Property Management Co., Ltd., Huasheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Huasheng Internet of things Technology Co., Ltd.

In the computer system integration and software information technology service industry has more than ten years of experience, the company mainly engaged in lighting engineering, security engineering, weak current engineering, computer system integration engineering, building intelligent engineering construction, intelligent water-saving irrigation system, agricultural remote sensing information industry, agricultural Internet of things information technology industry, modern greenhouse industry and other comprehensive technology, products and services Business system.

In response to the national call for the development of new agriculture, Huasheng Internet of things, a subsidiary of the group, has invested a lot of money in constant exchanges and cooperation with many domestic scientific research institutions, and independently developed and produced a new generation of intelligent agricultural equipment system "Huasheng intelligent agriculture platform", which can be used for the environment of air temperature, air humidity, dew point temperature, soil temperature and light intensity in the greenhouse Real time monitoring of information. When the measured value is displayed on the display screen, the measured value and alarm signal can be provided to the user by voice, and the data can be sent to the user's mobile intelligent device and cloud platform through the mobile Internet to guide the production management. Users can remotely control production management equipment through smart phones and other intelligent devices.

The company has a strong technical strength of the scientific research team, has a strong research and development force of software and hardware products.

Since its establishment, the company has taken "accelerating agricultural informatization and promoting agricultural modernization" as its mission, and has always taken innovation as the driving force for the development of the company. Through scientific research and transformation of achievements, it has served agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and constantly improved its brand and popularity.

Enterprise vision: strive to build smart agriculture, walk in the forefront of science and technology, and strive for the first brand of smart agriculture.

Enterprise values: take concept innovation as the guide, strategic innovation as the direction, organizational innovation as the guarantee, technological innovation as the way, and market innovation as the goal.

Enterprise spirit: harmonious innovation, market development, unity and hard work to create the future.

Business philosophy: integrity, innovation, service, win-win.

Management philosophy: put the selection and training of talents in the first place, respect and trust every employee, adhere to the principle, emphasize discipline, make concerted efforts, and carry forward the spirit of teamwork.

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